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Embers Igniting Magazine

We weren’t always an editing service; we started life as a literary magazine. Back in 2011, a few friends got together and envisioned a literary magazine that was invested in the growth of its submitters as writers and artists. We wanted to create a magazine that not only said “yes” or “no” to submissions, but provided detailed feedback for each submission with the goal of helping its creator make it the best it could possibly be. A magazine that provided resources for writers beyond just granting them a notch on their publishing bedpost. A magazine that recognized its contributors as individuals. In 2013, we published the first volume of Embers Igniting, a literary and fine art magazine publishing real, relevant, radical writing and art. Embers Igniting put out five volumes over five years, each one filled with powerful short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art from dozens of talented contributors. Each year was a journey of learning and editing with contributors, culminating in the celebration of a finished volume with its own unique heart and style. Give these volumes a read below. We hope you love reading them as much as we loved putting them together.