“My experience with Embers Igniting was empowering from start to finish. Editor Melissa Blakely [Burnham] read my creative nonfiction manuscript with compassion and an exacting editorial gaze. She was generous with both praise and constructive criticism and gave me many concrete suggestions to improve my narrative arc and the overall impact of my book. With an eye for detail, Melissa's comments were spot-on, and she delivered her feedback promptly. I'd be proud to work with Embers Igniting again, and I hope to soon.”

~ Kate M.

“I participated in critique groups for years as I wrote my first fantasy novel in a planned trilogy. These groups were good for encouragement and limited chapter-by-chapter feedback, but I knew I would eventually need professional input to make the book shine. I found what I needed with Madeleine Mozley at Embers Igniting Editing. Her structural edit was honest, focused, and insightful. She revealed issues in my manuscript regarding world-building and characterization and confirmed other areas I suspected needed work. Madeleine’s notes about clarity problems proves she looks at a story from both an editor’s and a reader’s point-of-view, and her suggestions at the end of the manuscript are helping me weave a believable story arc and craft a more satisfying ending. Madeleine is a professional who delivers on time while giving me the flexibility to set (and change) my own deadlines. I look forward to continue working with her and strengthening each novel in my trilogy.”

~KL W.

“Embers Igniting helped make my middle-grade chapter book shine! They are brilliant professionals who understand and truly care about good storytelling. Their meticulous and constructive line editing and proofreading services truly made all the difference. And I now have a polished, publication-ready final draft to show for it!”

~ Teko B.

"The copy editing notes that Embers Igniting  gave to my story that they published in their literary magazine were incredibly insightful; they found logical inconsistencies that I'd consistently missed. The editors at Embers Igniting  have a very sharp eye."

~Benjamin S.

“There are not enough good things that I can say about Embers Igniting Editing. For my past projects, I’d hired editors from Fiverr etc. because it was more affordable, but the services of Embers Igniting made me wish I could recall and edit all of the previous books I sold. Rachelle Clifford, my editor, was a joy to work with. It was obvious from first contact that she had already done some research on my project, and she showed genuine interest in understanding the lore and mechanics of my novel’s world. This made for excellent suggestions when addressing plot holes, inconsistencies, and fleshing out concepts. Her explanations and suggestions concerning sentence structure and grammar helped me refine my story into something much more polished than I could have achieved on my own. Overall, I have a better story that is told in a better way because of Rachelle. I am glad that I chose Embers Igniting Editing, and I will definitely be returning to them for my future projects.”

~ Lamont R.

“Having worked with the Embers Igniting team on two separate projects, I have seen in action how they can take a story and make it sparkle and shine. They brought out elements in my short stories that needed attention, and then worked with me on correcting those areas. The entire process was creative and collaborative, and I always felt like they respected my heart and vision. I’m positive my stories are far better because of the attention and care the Embers Igniting team gave them.”

~ Mary Beth D.

"Working with the editors was an incredibly gratifying experience. Though we collaborated for a short non-fiction piece, every exchange grew me as a writer, whether it was due to insightful feedback or sincere encouragement. I highly recommend their services for any length of work."

~Jonathan B.