Gift Ideas for Writers and Artists 2017

CC image by Alice Harold

It’s that time of year again. The time of boxes and bows, oohs and aahs, buying things we and our loved ones don’t necessarily need but tis the season for such luxuries. To help you find a special something for that creative person in your life, I’ve put together my annual list of ideas. I’ve provided suggestions for writers, while our Art Editor James kindly provided suggestions for artists. If you don’t delay, any and all of these items should arrive before Christmas. Score. For past years of my gift ideas, see the links at the bottom of this post.

For the lover of literature
Check out this site called Storiarts. They create literature-inspired goods that “connect people with their love of books—one literary good at a time.”

They have scarves, gloves, tote bags, and more, all inspired by the written word (primarily the classics, but some more modern work as well). You can shop by product type, book, or author.
Some of my favorite items:
Storybook Baby Hat
Romans 12 Writing Gloves
The Name of the Wind Book Scarf

CC image by LL Barkat

CC image by LL Barkat

For the coffee/tea aficionado
Does your writer also love a good hot beverage? (Hint—most of us do) Check out these typewriter coasters on Amazon. Get a set so your writer always has a nifty place to put their mug as they sit down to craft. Or how about a nifty travel mug for the writer on the go? Maybe a novelty tea infuser? I’ve listed a few writerly infusers below:
Tea kettle with book and pen
A pipe for the Sherlock Holmes fan
A ducky…because it’s cute. My personal go-to infuser for loose leaf tea.

For the letter writer
The art of hand-written letters is a dying one, which is a tragedy, really. But some of us still like to
write to folks by hand. When I write a letter to someone that’s more than a quick thank you note or birthday card, when I really sit down to put ink to crisp paper, I like to seal it with wax. Old fashioned
you say? Absolutely. And terribly beautiful. It emphasizes the value of the words, of the time it took to
write them down, the intention with which it was done. Get your writer a kit. Here are a few on Amazon:
Monogram seal
Tree seal
Butterfly seal


DIY ideas for any writer
So you want to get your writer something special, but don’t have much of a budget? DIY to the rescue. Make them
a custom set of corner bookmarks—there are a million ideas for these on Pinterest, everything from unicorns to Darth Vader, but you could also just do the simple corner bookmark (see basic design in pin to the right) and then make it pretty with scrapbook paper, fabric, or pretty much whatever you can imagine.
Or how about a collage of famous writing quotes? Find some truly inspiring words and mash them up into a colorful collage using programs like Photoshop, Publisher, or even just plain old Word. Print it, pop it in an affordable frame (the dollar store has frames…just saying), and it’s fit to hang over any writer’s desk.

For the struggling writer
What about a “writer survival kit?” Could be practical, such as a little gift basket with a pound of high quality coffee, chocolate bars, and a mug with a witty writing quote on it. Or you could go funny (but still practical…) with a bottle of wine with a tag that says “Break open in case of rejection,” or a mock prescription label that says, “Take one cup when writing as needed. Not intended for use during editing.”

Listed below are the top items off of our Art Editor James’ wish list.

Carry a sketchbook with you wherever you go! There is no reason not to practice every day or to miss a moment of inspiration!
Or support other artists and crafters on Etsy.

Buddha Board:
Great for artists or writers. A continually erasing board to help you clear your thoughts and get past a creative block.

Drawing Tablet:
For the tech savvy artist. An affordable way to explore creating digital art.

CC image by mangpages

CC image by mangpages

No artist will ever have enough sketchbooks.
James’ preference:
-A small to mid-size book (Easy to carry)
-Heavy paper (Don’t skimp on the quality just because it is for sketching)
-Wire bound (So that pages are less likely to get creased or folded)
-With perforated sheets (In case a drawing becomes more than a sketch and you want to frame it!)

You need new pencils to go with that new sketchbook!

Don’t know which brand to buy for the above supplies? Just raid your artist’s work space to find their favorite brand and style of sketchbook and drawing tool!

Need even more ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for that creative loved one in your life? Just ask us here or on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll steer you in the right direction.

A very merry Christmas to you!

By Madeleine Mozley