Fall is on the Way



Fall is almost here. For anyone who has been in New Mexico this summer, this news brings with it a sense of relief. Seasons are always times of transitions, but I think fall more than most. It brings to mind the days of running around outside for months with few cares in the world before settling in for winter. Some of you may still be in the midst of those years, while for others the memory is growing dim. It’s been years since I’ve been a full-time student, but fall still feels like a steadying force to me. Spring is full of energy and alertness, but in the fall things are settling in, quieting down, and preparing for winter.

As each month and year passes, things rush by, and we rarely stop to take a moment to look around us. As we head into this season, I want to pause for a moment, just a moment. As we rush around it’s easier to see the things that we are not good at, our inadequacies, areas that need improvement, and places that we’ve outright failed. What is not easy to see is how far we’ve come. With our heads down, plowing forward, we see how far we have yet to go, not how far we’ve already come. I think this is true in all areas of our lives, at work, with friends, family, relationships, school, hobbies.


Before we head into this new season, stop moving for just a moment and look around. Look at all of the things you’ve accomplished, how you’ve grown, what you’ve overcome, lessons you’ve learned from dumb things you’ve done. Take a look at the people in your life, anyone who has had an influence. What have you learned, what interesting people have you met, what new friends have you made? If none of this seems relevant to you, you feel like you’ve just been plodding along and you’re in the same place you’ve been for a long time, feel accomplished anyway. Sometimes keeping on going is one of the greatest accomplishments in life.

Now take a deep breath and turn your eyes to the front. You may still have no idea how you got where you are, but there really is no going back. If you looked around and realized you don’t like where you are, pick a new direction. If you think, this isn’t so bad, then keep going. Changing direction really isn’t that easy, but it will never happen if you don’t pause once in a while and evaluate where you are. Appreciate how far you’ve come and the lessons you’ve learned and move forward with a renewed sense of direction. Life moves fast and before you know it, you’ll be somewhere completely different, so take the time to appreciate where you are now.

By: Melissa Blakely

All images from pixabay.com