Coffee and Procrastination


I love coffee. A good cup of coffee makes the world seem like a better place. Why is this important? Because coffee shops and avoiding procrastination go hand in hand, at least for me. When I can’t concentrate at home, which is often, coffee shops are my go to place to work. Coffee shops have everything a productive person could want, coffee (of course), pastries (obviously), and free wi-fi.

Albuquerque has quite a few coffee shops, more than you think at first glance. This is the start of a series looking at the best places to work and/or study that serve coffee. Other than good coffee, pastries, and wi-fi this entails somewhere that is not super loud and has a decent amount of seating (preferably comfortable), bonus points if it’s local. I’m also looking for something other than the ubiquitous Starbucks, which is admittedly not a terrible option.

To start off, I’ve chosen three of my favorites that I’m known to frequent, Napoli, Satellite, and Michael Thomas.

Napoli Coffee
Napoli has delicious specialty lattes like Black Forest Mocha and Sunshine with caramel, dark chocolate, and coconut. This alone would make it a tempting spot. They also have a fairly large food menu and more traditional coffee. One of the best things about Napoli is the wide open room with many tables, some comfy chairs, and seats along the bar. Bonus points for Napoli include nifty cards for sale made by local artists, plentiful parking, and it is indeed local.
Located on Menaul and Carlisle.

You can’t discuss coffee spots in Albuquerque without talking about Satellite and its sibling Flying Star. They are local with multiple locations. Good solid pastries, food, and coffee. It’s much like a local Starbucks in my opinion, except with better food. Most of the Satellite locations I’ve been to are relatively small, good for a quick cup of coffee, but not my first choice for hanging out.

Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters
I also love latte art. Michael Thomas serves your coffee in a large mug and if you order the appropriate kind of coffee, a beautiful piece of art on top. It’s a quirky, Nob Hill hipster sort of place. It’s spacious and has a lovely courtyard outside with a fountain. The last time I was there, there was a woman sitting outside painting. There are two locations, but I’ve only been to the one in Nob Hill so far. Bonus points for Michael Thomas include the best bulk beans for sale, peaceful courtyard, and latte art (again).
Located in Nob Hill (Silver and Bryn Mawr) and on Carlisle near Gibson

If you have favorite coffee shops to work in or even just to grab coffee, let me know, and I’ll check them out!

By Melissa Blakely

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