Coffee and Procrastination Part 2


To fuel my coffee and procrastination habit this month, I visited two coffee shops in the Nob Hill area. The first was Limonata and the second was Humble Coffee. I will admit that I have been to both in the past, Limonata several years ago and Humble only once for a quick coffee to go.

Limonata Italian Street Cafe
This lovely place happens to be just down the street from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters, but it is certainly unique. They offer a variety of food, pastries and the like, and more substantial food. I was feeling in a festive mood and had a peppermint mocha which was quite tasty, although sadly lacking in latte art. If the weather is nice, they have a lovely outdoor seating area but a decent amount of room inside as well.

Humble Coffee
I originally came here to sit and work, but there was no seating, left which was disappointing. The place is lovely and a bit hipster. They have pasta that you can stir your coffee with, something I have not seen anywhere else, but it does seem environmentally friendly. The coffee was solid, but again, nowhere to sit. In retrospect, I suppose a Friday afternoon may not have been the best choice since it seemed to be everyone else’s choice as well. Humble does receive bonus points however for their latte art, even on a coffee to-go.

If you have a favorite place to procrastinate let me know because I’d love to try it out this month!

By Melissa Blakely

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